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Serving Lansing Michigan For Over 20 Years

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Paschal Security Systems is a limited liability security guard and private Investigation agency, licensed by the State of Michigan. We offer Comprehensive Security Plans. Our comprehensive plans consists of interacting, interlocking, and overlapping security features that provide mutual support and the most cost effective security measures. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Security guard services
  • Private investigation services
  • Livescan fingerprinting
  • Employment screening
  • Drug testing
  • Training & education

Security Guard Services

Paschal Security offers security guard services in Michigan for any size commercial buildings or businesses. Our security guards are professionally trained to meet your safety and security needs.

Employment screening

Our pre-employment screening program is designed to help your company evaluate an applicant’s background and make informed hiring decisions to reduce negligent hiring liability.

Drug Testing Services

Paschal Security Systems offers a wide range of confidential drug testing services. Services can be performed at our office, or your work site. However setting up a drug testing program for your company or organization can be very beneficial and helpful with reducing cost associated with workplace accidents.


Why Paschal Security Systems?

love your dog but still get home security

We are unique in our efforts to maintain a professional and personalized relationship with our clients. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services by meeting their individual needs. Paschal Security Systems is a service oriented organization and we provide the following value added service (no additional cost) to ensure our customers satisfaction!
  • Customized Security Plans
  • Free Consultations
  • 24 hour Supervision and Management
  • Short & Long Term Service Agreements
  • 24 hour Emergency Response
  • Account Managers
  • Qualified Security Guard 24/7/365

Customer Reviews

“Thank you Paschal Security Systems!! Your professionalism and quality gives me the confidence to know that my business is protected from theft. Thank you!”

Nina RBusiness Customer in Lansing,Michigan

“Great, prompt service by the paschal security team!”

BobCommercial Customer in Lancing,Michigan

“Family owned and operated business with exceptional knowledge and service. Staff is well trained and are the tops of their field.”

Andy MPaschal Security Customer, Lancing,Michigan